“Tripy perfectly epitomises the level of pleasure / freedom that's special to biking„

Bruno de Séré


A superb product, easy to use, fun and very easy to read.
You know where to go in a flash and it's ideal for bikers who need to focus their attention on the road and on driving.

Biking is a supreme joy and Tripy perfecty epitomises the level of pleasure / freedom that's special to biking.

A Tripy ride is a suggestion you accept, a mini adventure, a compromise between rigour and freedom that fits in perfectly with motorcycling principles.

In short, riding with Tripy is a smart ride.
Tripy is also great for quad bikes and cars.

The "Roadtracer" software combined with the topographical mapping provides the perfect recipe for first rate trips. If you have a thirst for discovery, dive into the "roadbook library" and you'll find hours of great rides in there.

Lastly, the team and customer support are great.

Bruno de Séré – Bend specialist – BMW 1200 GS

Bruno de Séré

Eric Scaillet

“How did they reach the decision to put Tripy on general sale?„

Eric Scaillet -

Denis Molinet

“... with my eyes glued to my paper notes, I didn't see the car in front of me stopping„

Denis Molinet -

Dany Nihoul

“Tripy II came up with a roadbook for me full of beautiful little windy roads„

Dany Nihoul -


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Tripy, roadmaster - lecteur road book

Tripy II GPS

GPS and Road Book combined

A smart, easy-to-use GPS that immediately takes you to your chosen destination via scenic routes and guides you on untried routes.
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RoadTracer Pro software

Technology and creativity

Create your own road trips in 13 european countries using the RoadTracer Pro software included in the pack.
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The Tripy
online community

For and by bikers

Download updates, swap itineraries with other users ... join "Tripy" and be part of something special.
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